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The Love of Music

Throughout my years I've heard many different accolades to that song that takes you to that place of absolute freedom. You know what I mean. No? Here's a few examples: "Who sings that?" "Ohhhh sh*t! That's my jam!" "What you know bout that right there?" "Ayeeeeeee!! Get it!" YEAHHH LOL

It's just something about that one artist who can sing or rap in a unique way to where it's almost as if it completes you. It makes you feel whole! Growing up in Dallas, music is known for being the glue that holds everything in place. Whether it was a good, bad, happy or sad time, there is a song that makes the mood better or more meaningful. In my family, music in a lot of ways made us who we are today. Truthfully music got me through almost every critical experience in my life. Almost every great moment I can think of included music in some shape, form, or passion. I truly believe that if I did not have music to get me through life's test I may not have been as successful as I have been overcoming different obstacles.

In this blog I wanted to take the time to express my love for music! I had to digest this topic thoroughly before writing this post. I initially started with about 20 reasons why I believe music is inspirational. After weighting each reason, I finally narrowed it down to 5 top reasons.



For some people, dead silence is more distracting than listening to music. Depending on your focus type listening to music as you complete homework, or chores could be a way to get through your daily duties. In my case listening to music as I write gives me a sense of normalcy. Growing up we had no alarm clocks. Music woke us up in the mornings and put us to sleep at night. Listening to music you enjoy can make any normal day activities seem effortless.



Music has a strange power over the human body and, in an almost hypnotic way, it manages to make people move their body to the sound. Nothing is more fun than listening to some good music and catching a good vibe. From the rhythmic drumming of tribal dance music, to the fun trumpet sounds of the South American brass band; music has truly undeniable inspirational power. Anyone who has listened to any musical genre knows that it promotes an undeniable urge to get your groove on!



If you’re looking to add feeling to your life you can use certain types of music to help inspire these emotions within yourself. Some people aren’t able to easily tune into different moods. If you struggle with the same thing, this can be used to give you a little boost in the right direction. To help enhance your mood, listen to tunes that uplift you. Jump on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube whichever your preference. Create you a playlist full of your favorite songs and watch how your mood shifts to a brighter state. No matter how you're feeling (or trying to feel) there is a song that fits perfectly.



Music has a unique ability to join people together like nothing else on earth. Large concert events promote the power of music and social harmony. All around the world people use music to bring together communities and friends to unite in the enjoyment of sound and sometimes this is all the inspiration needed to bring about change.



Have you ever listened to the lyrics of a song and it spoke to you or resonated with you in some fashion? The stories told through music can help us think of ways to enhance our own characters and novels. There are some writers who say they created scenes that were inspired by the words in a song they were listening to. The type of music you’re playing may create an aura that is sinister, joyful or even sad. What are some songs that inspire you and what do they inspire? Feel free to share your experiences or favorite songs in the comments below :)