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Embrace Your Struggle

Life's one big roller coaster. There's times when you'll feel overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions; good and bad. Knowing how to deal with the situations that life throws at you is essential to finding out your purpose. You will go through tribulations. It's inevitable. The easiest way to overcome it is to embrace the struggle. Try your best to remain humble and think of ways that'll make the process easier to cope with.

Embracing your struggle does not mean you should enjoy struggling. It means LEARN from it!

  • Know not to make the same mistakes.

  • Recognize the signs in advance when you encounter similar occurrences.

  • Cut off all bad habits and people who do not bring positivity into your life.

  • Avoid involving yourself with anyone or anything that could potential cause you to go backwards in your route to greatness.

Attempting to avoid the struggle actually creates more of it

The worst thing you can do is resist it. That only makes your struggle longer and more difficult. Most people find it impossible to deal with struggle. "They struggling with struggling", if that makes any sense. Reason being is we live in a world where struggle is frowned upon and people portray a life they wish they had. My advice to you is remain humble and find your spiritual connection. Once you're one with yourself and know your worth you'll fall in love with who you become mentally. Your thinking will be different. The way you move and who you associate with will be different.

Learn From It. Grow From It. Overcome It.

So often we don’t learn from the struggle nor do we stop and take the time to glorify what we have because we are too busy hoping for what we don’t have. Therefore, at every moment of our lives we are oblivious of the present and constantly dreaming of a better future, not realizing that we are diminishing the value from the present moment. Learn how to be hungry for more, but also content with what you already have. This is the point in your life when you will find complete balance and pure happiness.

Trust yourself. You are so much bigger, braver and more beautiful than you allow yourself to be. May every little sprout emerging from the ground remind you so. Celebrate your opportunity for growth. When we refrain from fighting struggle we can become observers of our own lives and suddenly we can see where life is calling us. Allow the feeling, healing and revealing to begin!

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